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William C. Tumelty - Palm Springs, CA

2019 - 5 Scholarship Recipients

William C. Tumelty - Palm Springs, CA

Bonnie T & Bill E - Brookline, MA

Tom E - Cairo, NE

Joni & Rick B - La Quinta, CA

Mark H - Rancho Mirage, CA

Eric H - Chicago, IL

Robert T - Jackson, NJ

2020 - Sixteen $500 Scholarship Recipients in the Fall semester - 20 $500 Scholarship Recipients for the Winter 2022 semester

William C. Tumelty - Palm Springs, CA

Lucio A. Bernal - Palm Springs, CA

Jon M. Smith - Palm Springs, CA

Melissa A - Seattle, WA

Joni B - La Quinta, CA

Karen B - Las Vegas, NV

Robert C - Palm Springs, CA

Gregory D - Honolulu, HI

Margaret D - Ft. Worth, TX

Greg E - Santa Rosa, CA

Norm F - San Diego, CA

Ronald G - Rancho Mirage, CA

Garth G - Hanalei, HI

Sally G - Vancouver, CANADA

Jim G - San Diego, CA

Laura G - Redondo Beach, CA

Doris H - Moscow, ID

Norman H - Santa Barbara, CA

Mark H - Rancho Mirage, CA

Institute of Luxury Home Marketing - Dallas, TX

Dwayne J - Los Angeles, CA

James K - San Diego, CA

Keith K - Los Angeles, CA

Norman K - Lake Balboa, CA

Sue K-F - Indianapolis, IN

Lisa L - Burien, WA

Brian L - Palm Desert, CA

Silva M - Palm Springs, CA

William M - Palm Springs, CA

J. Anthony O - Portland, OR

Robert P - Santa Barbara, CA

Robert R - Palm Springs, CA

Timothy R - Palm Springs, CA

Donna R - Palm Desert, CA

John S - Genesee, ID

Lynae S - Minneapolis, MN

Barbara T - Boston, MA

Mary Ellen T - Saratoga, FL

James V - Palm Springs, CA

Kori W-F - Austin, TX

Dennis W - Ouray, CO


"I am an eighteen year old transgender male studying sociology at College of the Desert.  This first semester of mine has had its hardships, and I would like to express how grateful I am for your generosity.  This scholarship will help me purchase books, aid with food and transportation for next semester, all of which were challenging these past months."